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Aloe Vera – The Primary Active Ingredients Package

Acemannan is the most desired of all ingredients. By the time of puberty, Acemannan is formed in the body and promotes growth, after that it must be acquired from outside. Numerous scientific studies have shown that Acemannan has an immunostimulatory effect. In addition, it has a capillary-expanding and capillary-strengthening properties.

Fatty acids:
Cholesterol, campesterol and siterol have an anti-inflammatory effect that is why aloe vera helps by burns, injuries, allergic reactions and generally by all inflammatory processes in the organism. Siterol has a regulating effect on the blood fat values, so a dietary supplement with Aloe Vera is particularly recommended for stressed people or patients suffering of a heart attack.

Are indispensable for humans and animals! The demand for vitamins is relatively low, but if only one is missing, this affects the entire metabolism and leads to serious deficiency symptoms. Apart from a few exceptions, the organism cannot produce vitamins itself. Aloe Vera contains provitamin, the vitamins B2, C and E.

Aloe Vera Plant possess protection products to protect themselves from pests, sun rays and diseases.

Are indispensable to maintain the body functions. Synthetically synthesized these can usually not be used well by the human organism. Since Aloe Vera contains naturally grown minerals, these can be absorbed optimally by the body.

Trace Advantages:
Needed only in tiny doses, but take on vital body functions. The elements iron, selenium, iodine, copper and zinc contained in aloe vera control muscle contraction, water excretion and nerve regulation.

Magnesium lactate:
This substance has not yet been found in any other plant than Aloe Vera. It relieves the pain and also the uncomfortable tension feelings after sunburn.

Working in the organism as a catalyst and taking over a particular task in the process of opening up the different food components. Aloe has 15 different enzymes.

Immunostimulants, which activate the body defenses. Aloe vera contains 23 of these polypeptides. Together with Acemannan they provide for the immunity.

Salicylic acid:
It is the most popular fever-suppressing and pain-relieving active substance. Not to be confused with the synthetically prepared acetylsalicylic acid, eg in aspirin.

Amino acids:
These substances are the basic building blocks of proteins. Aloe Vera also contains seven of the eight essential amino acids.

Sugar molecules, to which the aloe is responsible for most of its repulsive and cell-regenerating effects.

Substances which stimulate intestinal function and thus have a pronounced effect on digestion.

Lupeol has antiseptic and analgesic properties.


The best known Secondary Aloe vera ingredients with a health promoting effect


Tannic acids:
Possess exactly the opposite electrostatic charge of the viral tubes. They can therefore “crack” the microorganisms and make accessible to the body’s own immune system.

Natural antimycotic, inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Reduces cholesterol levels and normalizes the blood glucose concentration.

Inhibit the growth of harmful Darmbakterien and are responsible for the healing effect of the aloe.

In humans, they act like estrogens and inhibit certain types of cancer in their growth.

Activate enzymes that inhibit cancer growth and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Anticancer agents:
protect against cancer or inhibit the development of cancer

Antimicrobial and normalize the blood pressure.

Essential oils:
Run the digestion process and act antibiotic.

strengthen our body’s immune system

act against pathogens of all kinds

protect against fungus diseases

fight free radicals (cell toxins)

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