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Aloe Vera Concentrate

Necessary Informations About Aloe Vera Concentrate by Lr  Aloe Vera Concentrate by LR is an external-application gel that soothes, reinvigorates, and protects your skin. LR offers its customers worldwide a smart solution for everyday skin moisturizing and relief...

Aloe Vera Cream With Propolis

Lr Aloe Vera cream with propolis an intensive skin care cream  Lr Aloe Vera cream with propolis is an intensive skin care cream with 79% Aloe Vera and propolis. Propolis is natural compound found in beehives that often contains other bee products and is resin-like....

Lr Aloe Vera Emergency Spray

Aloe Vera Emergency Spray – The Multi Talent The Aloe Vera Emergency Spray by LR is a top-selling  Aloe product. This come-in-handy emergency spray contains 83% Aloe Vera along with twelve other plant extracts so as to provide powerful protection and nourishment...
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