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Lr Aloe Vera Wellness Bath



  • With 40% Aloe Vera
  • For a gentle and refreshing bathing experience
  • It has an invigorating and revitalizing effect
  • Supports the moisture content of the skin
  • With magnolia extract
    Article number: 20634-1
    Content 300 ml
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Lr Aloe Vera Wellness Bad – Effective And Revitalizing

Lr Aloe Vera Wellness Bath For a gentle and soothing bathing experience with light foam. Effective, revitalizing and supports the moisture content of the skin. Does not dry out the skin, since with 40% Aloe Vera and peppermint oil.

For skin care after the bath we recommend the Aloe Vera body lotion or delicate skin cream.

For a relaxing bath, choose a bathing water temperature between 36 and 38 degrees. The bath time should be limited to about 15 to 20 minutes, as baths that are too long and too hot can damage the circulation. For refreshing and revitalizing you can choose a lower temperature of 28 to 34 degrees for the bathing water and limit the swimming time to a maximum of 10 minutes. You can have lukewarm water run as required.


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