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Aloe Vera Thermolotion




  • With 45% aloe vera
  • Skin care lotion with natural and essential oils
  • Pleasant heat effect
  • Promotes blood circulation
    Article Number: 20603-101
    Content 100 ml
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Lr Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion – soothing warmth

Lr Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion is a slightly warming and skin-protecting lotion. The thermo effect promotes blood circulation. With 45% aloe vera, essential oils such as eucalyptus and wintergreen oil as well as natural nourishing oils such as jojoba, olive, apricot kernel and sesame oil. For a silky-soft skin.

How To Use Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion

Apply Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion over a large area and massage into the skin. Avoid contact with the eyes! Wash hands after application!

Information on ingredients
The contained essential oils first cause a slight freshness effect on the skin, until in a second step a pleasant warmth unfolds, which contributes to immediate relaxation. For example, eucalyptus oil stimulates the circulation of the massaged tissue and has a pleasant cooling effect on the skin. Due to the high Aloe Vera content and the rich formula of nourishing oils, the lotion is a treat for the skin.

Expert Tip
Especially in everyday life, the Lr Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion offers a soothing relaxation: after long sitting or standing, the lotion is combined with a massage recovery for legs and stressed joints. After the treatment it is advisable to raise the legs for a while and to relax.

The Aloe Vera ThermoLotion combines the moisturizing active ingredients of Aloe Vera with natural, circulation-promoting oils such as Eucalyptus and Wintergreen. It is therefore ideally suited as a nourishing and relaxing massage lotion.

Cold feet do not only exist in winter – especially women often struggle with it. Anyone who is constantly under cold feet and therefore may not fall asleep in bed in the evening, should regularly apply his feet with the Aloe Vera ThermoLotion.


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