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Aloe Vera Dermaintense



  • With 20% aloe vera
  • For the targeted care of very dry, stressed skin areas
  • Helps to strengthen the natural skin protection barrier
  • Cares for redness and itching
    Article Number: 20606-101
    Content 50 ml


Lr Aloe Vera DermaIntense – innovative care for stressed skin areas

To strengthen the natural skin barrier and stabilize the moisture content of the skin. Maintains rough areas, softens and softens and nourishes the skin with redness and itching. With 20% Aloe Vera and Vitamin B 12 / MahoniaWirkkomplex.

Type of application
DermaIntense should be applied several times a day to the cleansed skin area and distributed evenly.

Aloe Vera DermaIntense has a scientifically proven effect.

The results:

81.83% improved skin structure on the basis of personal, dermatological and objectively measurable criteria

The skin fat content increases by 40.08%
The moisture content improves by 38.57%
The skin roughness is reduced by 35.20%

Information on ingredients
Aloe Vera is moisturizing, soothing, regulating and additionally enhances the effect of vitamin B12.
Night candle oil: is known for strengthening the natural skin barrier and regulating the fat and moisture content of the skin.
Mahonia extract: The extract from the barberry is known for its anti-irritant properties.
Vitamin B 12: Studies demonstrated in studies in the treatment of itching and redness. The product contains no dye.  Contained Active substance vitamin B12.


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