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LR Aloe Vera Tooth Gel Sensitive – Don’t Let Sensitivity Bring You Down

Get LR Aloe Vera Tooth Gel Sensitive and say goodbye to the sensitivity in your teeth. The toothpaste is designed for people who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums. It is made from 40% aloe vera and Potassium Chloride – two ingredients that work together to minimize the sensitivity that may interfere with your brushing. The vital nutrients infiltrate the enamel and gums and combat the sensitivity. While aloe vera helps sooth the sensitivity, potassium Chloride helps brighten your teeth and gums.

Who Can Use LR Aloe Vera Tooth Gel Sensitive

The Aloe Vera-based tooth gel is suitable for any person who experiences sensitivity while talking cold, hot, sweet or sour drinks. The main ingredients; aloe vera and potassium chloride are natural substances and don’t contain any additives. A user is therefore assured of proper teeth cleaning, minimal sensitivity, and white and vibrant smile. Nonetheless, only children above six years should use LR Aloe Vera Tooth Gel Sensitive. Apply a small quantity (size of pea) on the toothbrush and brush as normal. Avoid swallowing and rinse with lots of water.

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How Is The Tooth Gel Beneficial?

LR AloeVera Tooth Gel Sensitive helps reduce the sensitivity that you get when consuming cold or hot substances. It also helps clean teeth and makes them much brighter courtesy to potassium chloride. The LR tooth gel helps relieve sensitive gums as well as deal with bleeding gums. Despite its many benefits, the gel is used just like the normal toothpaste; 2 to 3 times a day. LR Aloevera tooth gel also helps strengthen and protect the enamel against damage.



Using the Aloe Vera tooth gel sensitive from LR will assist you deal with tooth sensitivity quickly. You are only guaranteed of good results by using quality and genuine products. 

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