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LR Aloe Vera Night Cream – Nurture Your Skin While Sleeping

Revamping your skin has been made easier courtesy of LR Aloe Vera Night Cream. Days of waking up with dark circles around the eyes, puffy skin, visible skin pores, and tired skin are long gone. Following LR’s tradition of developing highly-effective skincare products, the Night Cream helps your skin rejuvenate itself while sleeping. It removes the dirt, bacteria, germs and other harmful toxins that may have been collected by the skin during the day. It also improves the circulation of oxygen leading to glowing skin in the morning.

Main Ingredients in LR Aloe Vera Night Cream


Aloe Vera is the key ingredient and accounts for 50% of all ingredients found in the LR Aloe Vera Night Cream. Extracts from the natural plant assist the skin regenerate by removing wornout or dead cells, boasting production of proteins and natural skin oil (sebum), and also tightening the muscular tissues. Extract from Organic Olive oil moisturizes and soothes the skin. Other ingredients such as Vitamin C and E enhance the immune system allowing the skin to combat any foreign and harmful compounds such as toxins, dirt, germs or bacteria.


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How You Benefit


Using the LR Aloe Vera Night Cream comes with the following benefits:

– Smooth Skin: Removing fine lines, tightening the skin and improving elasticity makes the skin smoother and more attractive.

– Healthy skin: By getting rid of damaging substances the skin becomes healthier.

– Improves hydration: Extract form olive oil and aloe vera boost the moisture level in the skin.

– Easy-to-use: The night cream is applied after taking a shower and before going to bed. It will work while you sleep and save you the trouble of prepping your face too much in the morning.


How well your skin rejuvenates during the night determines the way you will wake up every morning. You don’t have to wake up feeling gloomy and your eyes full of bugs (puffiness) or with skin pores as big as pinheads.

Take the right action today. and get LR Aloe Vera Night Cream, is available in 50ml.

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