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LR Aloe Vera Face Scrub Peeling – Natural Care for Beautiful Skin

Achieving beautiful skin has becoming easier courtesy of LR Aloe Vera Face Scrub Peeling. You no longer have to fell stressed or worried about flaky, dry and unappealing skin. LR has come to the rescue by providing aloevera face scrub that will get of all the flaky skin, dead skin cells and dryness, effortlessly, effectively and safely. Simply apply the face mask on the desired area and wait for magic to happen. No constant rubbing. No itchiness, redness or irritation.

How It Works


LR Aloe Vera Face Scrub Peeling is available in a 75ml pack and has been tested and approved as being dermatological safe and effective. It contains 50% aloe vera making it highly-effective for getting rid of flaky skin giving you smooth and silky skin. Other worthy ingredients include extract from bamboo which together with aloe vera enable the gentle gel penetrate the skin. By getting rid of the flaky skin and stimulating the production of natural skin oil, the skin becomes smooth and radiant.


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AloeVera Face Scrub Peeling

Benefits of Using LR Aloe Vera Face Scrub Peeling

The skin care product is best known for removing flaky skin that makes the skin rough and not-so attractive. However, it also helps to increase the skin’s shine, acts as a pore cleanser, and also relaxes the skin. Continuous use of the face scrub also tightens the skin muscles, improves elasticity, and balances the moisture content. In addition to regenerating, smoothing and stimulating the skin, LR AloeVera Face Scrub Peeling also safeguards skin against harm.

Aloe Vera Face Scrub has revolutionized the way flaky skin is dealt with. Using the skincare product is easier, safer and also more convenient. What you do is wet your skin and apply the face scrub taking care not to touch the eyes. Rinse with lots of lukewarm water after 10 minutes. The face scrub only needs to be applied 2 to 3 times a week.

Get LR Aloe Vera Face Scrub Peeling and say goodbye to flaky skin.

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