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Lr Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey – For Your Healthy Life

Did you know Lr aloe vera drinking gel honey can help improve your health and general wellness? Aloe Vera is one of the most respected and effective products when it comes to good health and general wellness. For many centuries, this beneficial ingredient has been used in communities all over the world for nutritional, therapeutic, and also medicinal purposes. The product contains essential nutrients that help rejuvenate, moisturize, soothe and also heal the skin. Its quick action, safety and many benefits is what makes it quite popular. But, are you aware that you can now experience the same goodness it has on the skin inside your body? Yes, all you need is acquiring Lr Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey and consuming it orally.

What Is Lr Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey?


Aloe Vera Drinking Gel honey is one of the revolutionary products in the market that can help you improve your health. The product which is manufactured by LR, a leading German Health and Beauty Company comes in 1000ml (one-litre) pack. The product is composed of 90% pure and natural gel derived from the Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. Pure natural honey makes another 9% while the remaining one-percent (1%) is Vitamin C and other ingredients. Research indicates that the drinking gel honey contains more than 200 essential and natural ingredients that are beneficial to the human body. These include vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, natural oils, mucopolysaccharides (natural sugars), enzymes, fatty acids, bioflavonoid, antrachiony, amino acids, saponins, antiseptics, and much more. And considering that the gel is produced by LR, you can be certain that all ingredients are pure.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey from LR

Combining the gel from the aloe vera plant and honey produces a natural sweet drink that is not only delicious but nutritious as well. There are several benefits of consuming this healthy drink:

Detoxification: High concentration of anti-oxidants and minerals help in removing toxins and other harmful compounds from the body.

Indigestion: Aloe vera is well-known for dealing with indigestion problems such as diarrhea, constipation, or bloating. It also promotes good digestion and absorption of food by improving intestinal, stomach, and colon functions.

Skin care: Regular consumption of the product improves the skin and related systems and helps eradicate eczema, acne, herpes, psoriasis, mouth ulcers, dandruff, and other skin conditions.

Improves immunity: Lr Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey enhances the body’s immunity allowing it deal with duodenal & gastric ulcers.

– It lowers blood sugar level, bad cholesterol, depression, fungal infections, as well as viral infections.


The product is all-natural and doesn’t contain any colorants, aloins, or artificial sweetners which usually cause side effects. It has been certified by IASC and SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS as being safe for human consumption. The nutritious and healthy drink is recommended for adults and children above the age of 3 years. It is however not recommended for younger children or women who are breastfeeding or expectant (pregnant). The recommended daily dose is 30ml 3 times daily.

It can be consumed the way it is or can be mixed with fruit juice or water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. And ensure to keep refrigerated once opened.

Consuming Lr Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Honey is your path to living a happy and healthy life.

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