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LR Aloe Vera Body Balm – Keep Your Skin Well-Moisturized and Nourished 

Your answer to properly-moisturized and nourished skin is LR Aloe Vera Body Balm. The body balm which comes packed in 200ml will help your body regenerate and improve the level of hydration/moisture. Regular use of the product keeps the moisture level balanced, improves skin nourishment, and also makes your skin smooth and flawless. By reducing skin dryness, you also protect the skin against harm that can be caused by strong sunshine (UV), blocked pores, skin breakages, or obstruction caused by dead skin cells.

LR Aloe Vera Body Balm Works On Any Skin Type

You don’t have to worry about LR Aloe Vera Body Balm working on your skin type since it is effective on any skin whether dry, soft, light, smooth, wrinkled or any other. It is made from 69% Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller, grape seed oil, jojoba (seed) oil, and many other ingredients. Together, they provide your skin with more than 200 vital nutrients that nourish your skin with enzymes, Vitamins A & E, essential amino acids, trace elements, natural oil and much more. This ensures the natural balance of your hair and skin is maintained. The balm also provides protection to the skin against harmful compounds.

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How to Use LR Aloe Vera Body Balm

Aloe Vera Body Balm from LR can be applied on the skin (body and face) as well as hair. To use it, simply dissolve a small quantity in the bath water, or mix it with some water and apply it on your hair or body if you are taking a shower. By the end of the bath or shower, the vital nutrients will have penetrated your body and you will start feeling the soothing and relaxing effects thereafter. LR Aloe Vera Body Balm can be used in the morning, evening, in-between, or after a bath or shower.


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