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Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion: The All-Purpose Lotion by LR

German company, LR brings Aloe Vera Thermo lotion to people worldwide. This moisturizing all-purpose lotion has a heating effect for a lasting, warming sensation and relief.

Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion consists of 45% pure Aloe Vera. It nourishes and pleasantly warms your skin on application.


Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion at a glance:

  • Smooth, hydrated skin due to apricot kernel,
    sesame, jojoba and olive oils.
  • Eucalyptus and Winter Green Oil ensure the skin is naturally conditioned.
  • Offers relief to stressed feet and other body parts thanks to its pleasant, medium warming effect.
  • With 45% Aloe Vera, making it a richly moisturizing solution for your body.

This heating body lotion by LR is ideal for using on cold feet and arms in winter to offer instant relief and comfort!

The heating effect is not intolerably intense, rather, the skin warms up in a comfortable and pleasant way.

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LR uses handpicked natural active ingredients and quality Aloe Vera leafs to create the Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion and all its health and beauty products. The company conducts over 32,000 inspections and evaluations in its laboratories to ensure quality standards are always met.

This thermal lotion can be used in winter and summer and will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin while at the same time, allowing you to indulge in  a warming, soothing experience while massaging it into your body.

Try the Aloe Vera Thermo Lotion today!

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