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LR offers a complete Aloe Vera baby set line for your baby’s delicate skin needs.

Forget harsh chemicals, long lists of can-hardly-pronounce ingredients in what you apply on your baby’s hair and body. LR provides gentle, nourishing baby products for peace of mind and super soft baby skin!

Aloe Vera Baby Face Cream


This LR product contains 40% Aloe Vera making it extra nourishing and hydrating for your baby’s face. It’s especially helpful for babies with dry skin or prone to rashes and dryness.

Use confidently on your baby’s face daily to supply his/her delicate skin with essential nutrients to protect it.

Comes in bottles of 50ml.

 Price: € 9.95

Aloe Vera Baby Care Lotion


This body lotion is ideal for babies with dryness-prone skin. With 40% Aloe Vera this is a powerful, hydrating lotion for your baby. It infuses its delicate skin with essential moisture to keep it soft and hydrated all day long.Comes in 200ml bottles.

 Price: € 9.95

Aloe Vera Baby Bubble Bath


Moisturize and have fun at the same time! Use the Aloe Vera Baby Bubble Bath for every bathing session. It contains 30% Aloe Vera, a significant percentage that makes this bubble bath extra moisturizing and gentle!

It cleanses gently without drying out your baby’s delicate skin. Give intensive hydration to its entire body and keep him/her happy and chapping-free!. Its non-allergenic and comes in a 200ml container.

 Price: € 9.95

Aloe Vera Baby Shampoo


This shampoo in the Aloe Vera Baby set is a mild hydrating shampoo that gently cleanses your baby’s head and hair while leaving it nourished and protected from dryness.

With moisturizing components and safe oils, this shampoo is super gentle on your baby’s skin.  Clean, protect and care for your baby’s hair and head skin with this LR shampoo especially for babies.

 Price: € 9.95

Aloe Vera Gentle Baby Wash Cream


This baby cream hydrates and protects your baby’s skin. It contains no allergenic agents so you can use it confidently on your baby to cleanse and hydrate his/her skin every day.

Apply on a damp cotton cloth and cleanse the entire body or specific areas. Use daily on the whole body as needed.

 Price: € 9.95

Aloe Vera Baby Diaper Cream


This cream contains 40% Aloe Vera and provides heavy-duty hydration and protection to the sensitive, prone to rashes diaper skin area. Use daily as needed to prevent and reduce diaper rash.

This diaper rash cream in the LR Aloe Vera baby set acts as a barrier against the development of diaper rash. With gentle, safe perfume oils. It’s non-allergenic and comes in a 100ml tube.

 Price: € 9.95

Try LR’s Aloe Vera line for children and see first-hand the difference natural products make!      

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